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Personnel with NASA NDC Accounts:

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Password for first time users also matches your NDC Agency User Name. The system will prompt you to update your password on your first login attempt.

If you have any problems contact the MSFOC Training department.

Personnel without NASA NDC Accounts

Username and password information will be provided by MSFOC Training.

MSFOC Training Office

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LP View all of your assigned training by selecting the View Learning Plan link after login. Please take a few minutes to complete any Incomplete, Soon Due or Expired training.

Course categories

Required Training 
 SHE102: SHE Program Awareness Training - 2014Summary
 SHE152 Hazard Identification and Warning SystemSummary
 TS254: Defensive Driving Compass ManeuveringSummary
 SHE 317 Environmental Management System TrainingSummary
 SHE415 Foreign Object Debris AwarenessSummary
M&R Best Practices Workshop 
 M&R Best Practices Workshop - Summer 2014
CMRP Recertification Training 
Environmental, Safety & Health Courses 
 SHE 113 Equivalent Fall Protection TrainingSummary
 SHE 115: Fire Extinguisher Awareness
 SHE 119: Machine Guarding For OperatorsSummary
 SHE126 Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) / Safe Plan of Action (SPA)Summary
 SHE128 Lockout Tagout RefresherSummary
 SHE132 Emergency Eyewash & ShowerSummary
 SHE 137: Welding and Cutting SafetySummary
 SHE 138 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) OverviewSummary
 SHE138A Foot ProtectionSummary
 SHE138B Head ProtectionSummary
 SHE138C Hand ProtectionSummary
 SHE138D Body ProtectionSummary
 SHE138E Eye & Face ProtectionSummary
 SHE144: Introduction to Mishap Investigations Summary
 SHE167 Ladder SafetySummary
 SHE 202: Back Injury PreventionSummary
 SHE 209B Confined Space EntrySummary
 SHE212R Respirator RecertificationSummary
 SHE 214 Hazard Communication TrainingSummary
 SHE 215 Hazard Communication Train the TrainerSummary
 SHE 219 Hearing ConservationSummary
 SHE 225: Lead AwarenessSummary
 SHE 232 Musculoskeletal Disorders - Office ErgonomicsSummary
 TX287: Used Lamps and Mercury Containing EquipmentSummary
 Green PurchasingSummary
 TS255: Heat Stress PreventionSummary
 Scaffold SafetySummary
Equipment – Personnel and Material 
 TS259 2014 Aerial Lift, Mobile Equipment and Ladder Safety BriefingSummary
 TX518A (SHE508): Overhead Cranes/Hoist OperatorSummary
 TX520B SHE508 Building 110 Cranes and HoistsSummary
 TX522A/B (SHE505/506): Forklift Operator Training - Light and HeavySummary
 TX522C (SHE505/506): Fork Lift Operator Training - Hy-ReachSummary
 TX528 Straddle CarrierSummary
 TX537A (SHE505/506): Forklift Operator Training - Light Tow TractorSummary
 TX537B (SHE505/506): Forklift Operator Training - Heavy Tow TractorSummary
 TX537C (SHE505/506): Forklift Operator Training - Rider Tow TractorSummary
 TX540B (SHE509): Aerial Lift Operator Training - Elevated Work Platforms AMV/RAL/AMRSummary
 TX541B (SHE509)Aerial Lift Operator - 111 Foot Fixed BoomSummary
 TX541C (SHE509): Aerial Lift Operator Training - Articulating Boom Aerial Work PlatformSummary
 TX553E (SHE509) Aerial Lift Operator Training - Vertical Self Propelled Scissors LiftSummary
 TX553C (SHE509): Aerial Lift Operator Training - Self Propelled, JLGSummary
 TX553D (SHE509): Aerial Lift Operator Training - Self Propelled - Lift-A-LoftSummary
 TX554A (SHE505/506): Fork Lift Operator Training - Hand OperatedSummary
 TX558A (SHE505/506): Fork Lift Operator Training - Side LoaderSummary
 TX584A (SHE516): 2-Ton Mobile CraneSummary
 TX631A (SHE505/506): Forklift Operator Training - Order PickerSummary
 TX642: Signal PersonsSummary
 TX 664A-Scaffolding-Competent PersonSummary
 TX655AB (SHE519) Rigger CourseSummary
 TX668A Self Propelled Modular Transporter OperatorSummary
Miscellaneous Courses 
 2012 AS9100 Management System BriefingSummary
 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Training
 2011 MSFOC Compliance TrainingSummary
 Learning PlanThis course requires an enrollment keySummary
 SpaceTEC Preparatory TrainingThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrollment keySummary
 2012 Jacobs Annual Business Meeting VideoSummary
 TX512: Environmentally Controlled Area DisciplinesSummary
 TX657 Green Belt TrainingThis course requires an enrollment keySummary
 TX658 Root Cause AnalysisThis course requires an enrollment keySummary
 Electrostatic Discharge ControlSummary
 Desktop Requisition DemonstrationSummary
Nondestructive Testing  


The MSFOC is the Training Provider of Choice for all Mission Services Training at the Michoud Assembly Facility. Our in-house Instructional Design and Course Development teams specialize in developing interactive online courses. Contact the Training department at


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